July 12, 2018

Yongmeori coast is the place to must go

Yongmeori coast is the place to must go and recommend for you.

If you visit the beautiful Jeju island, everybody hopes to see many kinds of beautiful scenery in Jeju island.
However, there are so many famous Jeju island tourist attractions on the Internet photo, Unlike the picture, there are plenty of places that fall short.

Yonggi coast, changed desperation to hope.
Yongmeori Coast creates a fantastic atmosphere of natural scenery. even, it is also regretful about the end of the Jeju island trip.

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Yongmeori Coast is a beautiful scenery with an open view of the sea.

We have the capability to give children the beautiful natural scenery of Jeju island.

And let me tell you it’s selfish, too. because the reward has been extraordinary.

jeju island Yongmeori coast

(sea urchins and oysters, mussels and seaweed) creatures.

That’s what I figured. Every time you take a camera and a cell phone with a smile,

The Yongmori Coast is a great place for tourists to enjoy in every area.


Spring, summer, fall, and winter. Yongmori coast will remain steadfast and true. we shall carry a pleasant and lasting recollection about Yongmori coast. Yongmori coast is the perfect setting for sightseeing Jeju island.

Yongmeori coast

Unfortunately, Yongmori coast is strictly off-limits to tourist on access to the waves.

It is not accessible during high tide.

Jeju island night view

If you have a chance to visit Jeju island, Yongmeori coast is the place to must go and recommend for you.

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  1. Hi, we are reaching Jeju at 1pm by cruise and need to get back to the cruise terminal by 8pm. What is your recommendation? Like to visit
    Don’t understand market and Jungang for shopping.

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