June 21, 2018

Woljeongri, jeju tour


Woljeongri Location : 33-3 Woljeong-ri, Gujwa-eup, jeju-si, jeju-do , If you drive along the coastal road toward the east from Jeju International Airport, you will encounter the breathtaking view of Woljeongri Beach.  Jeju is surrounded by ocean on four sides so there is ample seaside road to explore which passes through a string of beautiful villages each with their own unique appeal.  Next to the seaside road the sea sits draped in an emerald color. It is all very good to look at the waves if the weather agrees. A panorama to Hallasan presents itself.


Clear waters, soft sand beach and you can find many people taking strolls and chilling by the beach.
You can also visit the cafes along the beach which provides a nice view.
More features on this stretch of seaside road are the wind turbines
which form part of Jeju Island’s renewable energy project.
At first they appear quite close behind the houses, but on closer inspection there is quite some distance.
This particular beach is well known for its cafes and photo taking opportunities instead of water sports.

The beach is very beautiful.


Good to spend 15-30 mins of your time there to take some nice shots.
Also you can take photos by sitting on the available chairs near the seashore.
There are many couples taking photo at the color chair.
You may want to sit at the chair facing towards the sea and take a photo from the back.
Woljeongri Beach is the best beach in Jeju island and
so many Korean people come here in Summer season.


Travelers who visit this place are often fascinated by this beach that they don’t even know the meaning of its name.
The shallow depth of the beach makes it a perfect place to be in harmony with nature.
The next village the seaside road passes through is Saewha.
It is a place known for its women diver museum and bultam (women diver rest or preparation area).
A large traditional market lends itself for exploration.
On the seaside road from Gimnyeong to Seongsan
there are so many things to see. get out there to see for yourself.

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