Most people would like to know other’s experiences or to peep in other’s testimonials. Thank you for your feedback on your Jeju taxi tour Lucas. we want to care for your Jeju taxi tour. Thank you for your time and consideration that your feeling and experiencing our services during visiting Jeju Island.

Thanks, Mr.Ko soon tae jeju taxi tour lucas driver One of the best guide and service in Jeju! Mr Ko is warm and friendly and experienced. He showed us and bring us around jeju island as we do jot have any knowledge. Oh yes.. He even offered his wifi to us during the trip.... He is also flexible to accommodate our needs... Truly... this service is highly recommended.... Though we did not complete the whole island in a short visit... But will definitely engage this company again for future visits...

Benny Ho - Job Title

We really had a wonderful time during our stay in Jeju island and that is all because of Mr Lucas Koh, our Namyang taxi Coordinator/driver. Before we left the Philippines for our Jeju Island vacation, we were so worried because we did not join a group tour. We decided to plan our own iterinary but not knowing what places to visit we ended up booking a 2 day tour under tripadvisory a day before leaving the Philippines and that was how we met Mr. Lucas Kho. He provided us the best service that we could ever ask. He is always early/on time picking us up at our hotel always with a big smile. Never that we saw him upset during the times that he was driving us around. He recommends places to visit, places to shop so we could get and find the best bargains ever and most of all, the best restaurants to fill our hearts desires :)) We highly recommend his service and if given the chance to visit this Island again in the future, we would request Mr Lucas Koh to be our guide once again. Thank you Mr. Lucas from the Golden Girls :))

Hsu Myat Noe

Wonderful experience in jeju with jeju taxi tour driver Mr. Ko soon tae. Hi, would like to share my wonderful experience in jeju. We engaged a taxi driver to drive us around for 2 days. First day, he brought us to main attractions like the cheonjiyeon waterfall, jungbang waterfall, oedolgae rock and yongmeori coast with a sumptuous seafood lunch near the coast. The price was so reasonably priced and you will never find such rate eating fresh abalones and seafood in singapore! In between, he will make an effort to introduce us to some special places along the route. Second day, we requested to watch the sunrise peak at seongsan llchubong and our dear driver woke up at 3am to check if the weather was clear to be able to watch the sunrise before giving us a morning call to confirm the excursion! We were really impressed with his dedication and kindness. After sunrise, he treated us to a simple korean breadfast which we insisted on paying instead as already felt so bad to trouble him at such early hours. As it was still too early to catch the ferry to udo island, he brought us to another nearby coastal area to watch the female divers. We were so lucky as we followed them to the rocks and witnessed the aged but feisty ladies jumping into the freezing cold water to start their catch. The oldest woman aged 83! So amazing! At udo island, We had a super great time enjoying the scenic views of the island with our taxi driver. As my ten year old girl was exhausted after touring udo island for half day, our taxi driver ensured us to have a nap n woke us up just before reaching our next destination- the manjanggul lava cave. Our last attraction was the gimnyeong maze and my girl found it pretty easy to find the exit. I was just tagging behind her and was surprised to find it ended so soon,,,After all the sightseeing, our driver brought us to have a great sumptuous black pork dinner. It was an experience! First, he brought us to a fresh pork market stall to buy the meat and walked into the opposite eatery for them to cook for us and provided us the side dishes. He explained It was the way most local people enjoy their black pork feast and the bill was less than half compared to the black pork restaurants near our hotel! We had such great time and he did not want to accept the extra money for the extra early hours initially and we insisted as we felt it was not right to work so many extra hours for nothing. The arrangement was 9am to 5pm but we started the day at 4am! We felt so lucky to engage him and I think we should share his excellent service and recommend him to people who are keen to sightsee in jeju to ensure a fantastic time during their holiday. He contacts details - the company is Nam Yang Taxi Tour Mr Ko Soon Tae mobile- (+82) 010-2553-1950 email - jejutaxitour0119@gmail.com Have fun!


We were a group of 5 and I searched the internet for private minivan tour/hire for 2 full days. It was our first time to the island so we did not know where to visit and so we did not have any itinerary to provide. I wrote to a few car hire or tour companies and most of them asked me for my itinerary before I could confirm the booking. I told them that all I wanted was to book a minivan for 2 days (8 hours each) and for them to show us around and we were quite happy to leave the agency to recommend and to customise the “tour”. I provided our arrival details and accommodation address and fully recognized that we would not be able to cover many sights given the size of the island. I informed all the companies that we would be quite happy to go with their suggestions and cover just 2 or 3 places3 (more if time permitted) each day, and that cost was not an issue. A couple of companies kept asking for itinerary but I simply could not provide anything (because we had never been there) other than to state the pick up and drop off locations and timing for both days. Lucas was the only one who did not insist on an itinerary and even provided some suggestions beforehand so that we could check out the suggestions on the internet before our arrival. He was prompt and responsive in communication. He also checked with me periodically before the trip whether I had any questions. I also arranged airport transfers with Lucas. The drivers were punctual (early in fact) for all appointments and Lucas also checked with me each time to ensure that we were picked up on time. The driver (who spoke basic English) for our 2 day private tour was helpful and even helped us not just to take some photos, but edited some of the photos he had taken on his cameras. His photos and editing tuned out really good and he even printed some of them as souvenirs for us apart from sending the digital copies to our whatsapp. Service was excellent and the booking/reservation was made very easy. No hesitation to recommend Lucas (Nam Yang) Taxi for your local transport needs at Jeju.

Mishal Lim