June 5, 2018

Seopjikoji Dragon stood and became a rock.

Seopjikoji Dragon stood and became a rock.


Seopjikoji Location Jeju Special Autonomous Region : 107 Seopji-koji-ro Seongsang-eup Seogwipo City

At first the meaning ‘Seopji of Seopji-koji’ has two views,one meaning “geographical features” with many clever persons, and the other “narrow land”.
” Koji ” is a Jeju word for a cape or a piece of land that runs out to sea.

Secondly according to the legend about Seopji-koji Rock in the southeast coast, the youngest son of the Dragon King,
who saw the fairy dragon bathing here, begged the Dragon King to marry him.
The Dragon King promised to marry after 100 years. On the day of the 100th anniversary,
suddenly the wind was strong and the waves were high, preventing the fairy from coming down from the sky.
The youngest son, the Dragon King, ” Heaven won’t allow him to marry because of his lack of effort, ” stood here and became a rock.

jeju osulloc

Seopjikoji is a low hill area consisting of trachybasalt. Originally, it was an off the land island like Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, but the development of the soil make a connection to Jeju Island.
However, unlike Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, where the offshore bar stretched out and was built, Seopji-koji was established when a cuspate spit was made from both Gwangchigi Beach and Sinyang Beach.

We can say Seopji-koji with rape flowers in spring and silver grass in autumn is a famous spot in Jeju Island with a beautiful coastal landscape in Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak.

It is also famous for it’s favorite locations for movies and TV dramas such as ” Eye of Dawn ” (1991-1992), ” I ” Leejaesu’s rebellion(1999), “The Legend of Gingko” (2000), and ” All In “(2003)

Hyeopjae Beacon Fire Station

Seopji-koji has Hyeopjae Beacon Fire Station, designated as Jeju Island Monument No.23-2 in 1973.
Hyeopja Beacon Fire Station, which is relatively well preserved in its original form, was contacted by fire
and smoke from the Osopo Regiment in the north, Seongsan Beacon Station,
and the Mangyongpo Alliance in the west. On the upper part of Fire Station, there is an oven of 4.2 meters in diameter.

On the southeast coast of Seopji-koji, there is a red oak and stone rock with a lighthouse on the top of the mountain.
The red rust is a volcanic body that has lost its original shape due to the erosion of blue,
either a strombole or a scoriacone formed by strombolic eruption.

The red oil is well exposed inside the volcanic structure, so it is considered a good place to learn
about the composition, structure, and formation of the analysis sphere along with the stone rock, which is a seastack.
The 10-meter-high stone rock corresponds to a volcanic neck made by the hardening of magma that filled the volcanic rock of red oil.

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