Jeju Tour Lucas Payment

Jeju Tour Lucas Payment

Jeju Tour Lucas Payment

You can check through the video file.

Jeju Taxi Tour Lucas payment method

Step 1. Search for interesting your Jeju Tour items

We have various Jeju Tour items

You can search our Jeju Tour Products

A : Jeju Taxi Tour Lucas Package Join Tour 

Jeju Island East Course

Jeju Island West Course

Jeju Island South Course

UNESCO Jeju Full Day Tour Package

West Jeju Full Day Tour Package

B : Jeju Taxi Tour Lucas Private Tour 

Jeju Taxi Tour

Jeju Jumbo Taxi and Minvan Tour

Jeju Island Private Tour

C : Jeju airport transfer 

Jeju City airport transfer

Jungmun Area airport transfer

Seogwipo City airport transfer

D : Jeju Island Attraction Discount Tickets

Jeju Island Attraction Discount Tickets

E : Jeju Island  Attraction Transfer

Jeju Island East Attraction Transfer

Jeju Island West Attraction Transfer

Jeju Island South Attraction Transfer

Step 2. Select for your Jeju Tour Option

All Jeju Taxi Tour products have various option

(Driver type, Tour days, Hotel location, Number of people,

Type of vehicle, Operating hours, Service Area)

You can check the total amount your Jeju tour of the product

The full amount payment possible for your Jeju tour

Step 3. Go to the menu with a deposit payment

If you need to book Jeju private tour, Click to Private tour deposit

If you need to book Jeju airport transfer, Click to Airport transfer deopsit

Step 4. After selecting your Jeju tour option, Add to cart

When you click “Add to cart”, It looks like this

Click “View Cart”

Step 5. Click the Main Menu, Cart, Checkout


Click the Main Menu, Cart and Checkout

Step 6. Proceed to PayPal


No need to write Billing details,

Just click “Proceed to PayPal”

Step 7.  Pay with debit or credit card/Pay with PayPal


You have to choose “Country”

Each country has payment card displayed differently