June 26, 2018

Jeju Taxi Tour Lucas tour guide program

Jeju Taxi Tour Lucas

Do you know Jeju Taxi Tour Lucas?

Jeju Taxi Tour Lucas began the jeju taxi tour program in 2014. At that time, our business name is Jeju namyang taxi tour. You can check for the previous our business name online. As time passed, Our passion and goals about jeju tour had faded out. and there was also a considerable change in the online environment. That is the tragedy of diversity loss of jeju island tour.

Jeju Taxi Tour Lucas

Jeju is a fantastic island. Some people say that Jeju island is Hawaii of East Asia. It is a fascinating island with different charm for each season. To explore this fascinating jeju island you may have to overcome some fears. That’s why many tourists have much difficulty in the choosing of jeju island tour. Perhaps there is reason to confirm other people’s experienced here.


But there’s a common trap that jeju island travellers fall into. Without a doubt, so many tour guide/drivers used every means to complete their good review on tripadvisor website.

No matter where you perform online serch, you can not make a variety of choices. That is the reason for it.


Jeju taxi  Lucas wants to offer you various options about jeju island tour. Enjoy the pleasure of a brave choices in beautiful jeju island. It is none other than the jeju taxi tour Lucas.


Do you want to share happy memories of exotic Jeju island with other people? We really want to pursue this now in jeju taxi tour Lucas. There is no problem even if you can not speak Korean. It does not matter even if your budget are limited.


A professional jeju tour guide/driver who can speak English will get rid of your indefinable fears. This is the obvious reason to start the Jeju Taxi Tour Lucas business.


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  1. Hi. I’m intersted with the jeju tour. Can u mail me the detail? For 17-19 july 2018. Thank you

  2. Patricia Chan or Stephanie Ng October 9, 2018 at 1:02 am

    I am interested in Jeju tour – can email me pls. travel dates 2 – 3 Nov 18. Preferably English speaker, if not then Chinese speaking.

  3. Hi, I’m interested with the jeju tour. Can you please email me. English speaking tour guide. Thank you.

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