July 4, 2018

Jeju dongmun night market

Jeju dongmun night market

In this regard, opening the jeju dongmun night market is indeed the best news. We visited jeju dongmun night market with the bulging expectation.

Jeju dongmun night market is already well known to foreigners. But, one of the most disappointing things about foreigners visiting Jeju island is there is not much jeju night activity.

A lot of people were already standing in front of two lines of food stalls.

Jeju dongmun night market

The number of food stalls were about 30. We didn’t count exactly how many there were but there would be so many choices. Various food purchases are possible.

Jeju Dongmun Market

If you visit the jeju dongmun night market, it is easier to use public transportation. It’s easy to get a taxi anywhere in Jeju island. Parking lot is limited, so parking is not easy. As mentioned above there is so many options at the dongmun night market. if I remember rightly, there were seafood and chips, kebab skewers, nut ice cream from Udo and abalone kimbab.

Jeju Dongmun Market Food

After you have chosen your food, you must pay for it. and you have to find somewhere to eat your food.

Jeju Dongmun Market Logo

We can find seating places where the edge of the dongmun night market. but, there were not many seats.

Jeju Dongmun Market Tour

The price seemed relatively cheap. Between 3,000 won and 6,000 won, my ordering food was delicious. Until now, there was not much to do thing in Jeju island at night, but Jeju dongmun night market seems to be a great alternative. Nearby there is an Jungang underground shopping mall where you can do your shopping at night. also the famous Black Pig Street is only a 5-10 minutes walk away.

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