June 29, 2018

Hwangwooji coast, Jeju Island Natural Pool

Hwangwooji coast

A hidden tourist attraction known only to locals in Jeju Island “Natural Pool, Hwangwooji coast”

Hwangwooji coast – Jeju island Natural Pool.
It takes about 5 minutes by car from Cheonjiyeon waterfall to reach the Oedolgae rock.
It is just a short walk from Hwangwoo-ji coast, which is called Jeju Island’s natural swimming pool.
Admission is free, but parking fee is charged. The parking lot is relatively big.

Jeju Island is famous for olle trail. This is the 7th course start point,
which is the most beautiful of the olle trail. This place has a lot of tropical feeling trees that make you feel Jeju Island,
so you definitely feel different from walking around other places.


It is about 300 meters from the parking lot to the spot where the Oedolgae rock is seen.

We did not walk a long time, so Oedolgae rock came into our view.

It is about 20 meters in height.

Someone says Oedolgae, which means to stand alone in the middle of the sea.

In the past, the Oedolgae rock was a famous sightseeing spot

but now it seems that there are many more people heading for Hwangwoo-ji coast.

When I walked this road in my childhood, it felt really too far away, but I was able to reach the coast of Hwangwooji in an instant.

Hwangwooji coast

Jeju island sea is so beautiful anywhere. But this place looked so picturesque too.

On the way, there were wildflowers between their stones to signal their presence.

We should not forget to appreciate the beauty and sublimity of nature.

When I was a kid, people knew little about the place called Hwangwoo-ji coast of Jeju island.

However, now it is very eye-catching to be famous. Walking to Hwangwoo-ji coast, you can see Bumseom,Munseom.

Hwangwooji road

Perhaps the privilege to enjoy nature of jeju island in this way is travel.

Anyway, as we walked naturally along the olle trail course, we arrived at a gathering place.

Hwangwooji wood

Finally arrived at Hwangwoo-ji coast

When I went, the water seemed so clear. I felt the urge to swim

There are a lot of Chinese people who seem to have gone to the Oedolgae rock, but this place is rare.

Lovely Jeju island is a place where you can enjoy your trip alone, or with your family.

Especially, the feeling of discovering and enjoying a sightseeing spot that only locals know is hard to explain in words.

When you come to Oedolgae rock, be sure to visit Hwangwoo-ji coast once.

If you miss Hwangwoo-ji coast, you’ll sure regret it.

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