Frequently Asked Questions about lucas tour

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Jeju taxi tour Lucas, Please check first below list.

Frequently Asked Questions, If you have any questions after checking this details, Contact us anytime. We may not answer on the information already provided Jeju taxi tour Lucas details. Please, take a closer look at our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Jeju taxi tour Lucas guide program

What is the difference between a private, small group join tours?

Jeju Lucas private tours will only include your group and the guide/driver. These tours offer the most personalized attention and will allow you to dictate the locations during the Jeju tour.  Small group Jeju Lucas tours are typically four to 10 guests, providing a more intimate experience while retaining a lower cost.

How do I choose the best Jeju island package tour/activity?

It depends on your decision, you can search best Jeju tour on our website. It is not as hard as you think.

Can I customize a tour on your website?

Unfortunately, all tours on the Jeju taxi tour Lucas website must be taken “as is,” meaning we’re not able to make changes to the itineraries listed.

How does Jeju taxi tour Lucas select their local tour guide/drivers?

We will check Jeju tour guide/driver various option. From what we know, our Jeju tour guide/drivers are very kind and professional people. They have been Jeju tour guiding/driving for many years. and We receive customer feedback. Guide/drivers who are not good at evaluation are excluded in this process.

Is there a minimum age for your Jeju Lucas tours?

There is no minimum age limit. But if it is obstructive of other tour groups, we can refuse to participate in the Jeju taxi tour Lucas. When you your reservation, be sure to confirm.

How many people do I need for a small group reservation? Is this rate discounted?

At least two people are required. The tour does not start with two people. Only two or more groups can make a start Jeju taxi tour Lucas. Already the fare is discounted. In special cases, discounts may be given through events

Is it possible to change the itinerary of Jeju Lucas join tour each course?

East/west/south itinerary of Jeju taxi tour Lucas(join tour) cannot change schedule. If the weather is terrible, the guide can decide something with all tour groups. If you want a flexible itinerary, you can choose a private tour. you can check more details on my website “private tour/taxi tour or minivan tour”

Jeju Lucas Private tour is expensive. It's a quite expensive price compared to many other drivers/guides. Why is that?

Most of the other drivers can speak basic English. we are not sure anyone is trying to belittle merry Jeju taxi tour Lucas here, by making a simple comparison of our drivers/guides who can speak English well. If you do not matter, basic English speaking driver’s price will be cheaper. but they are not our team members. We can introduce them to you. But we can not guarantee it.

Jeju taxi tour Lucas discount

Can I get a discount if I book more days tour with Jeju taxi tour Lucas?

Already the fare is discounted. Event discounts are available. Sign up for our website and check out our event information. We will send you a newsletter.

Do you offer special pricing for children, students, or seniors?

Only under 24 months free. There is nothing else. Admission fee discount is available for people under 24 years old. (only natural attraction) Foreigners are not subject to the seniors discount.

We have an event discount coupon. How can I get a discount?

You must inform us in advance when you make your reservation. When you meet your guide/driver in your tour date, show your event coupon. Then you can get a discount. As much as the coupon discount price. We have a variety of events. Sign up for our website and check out our event information. We will send you a newsletter.

I want to introduce your website to friends of mine. Can we get a discount?

If you are our customer, inform us about your friend’s contact number. you and your friends also are the available discount price. The discount price is determined by us. When we send a confirmation message, we will show you through the exact discount price. You may need some feedback.

Jeju taxi tour Lucas booking process

How do I check availability about my intended tour date?

You can check your intended tour date on Jeju taxi tour Lucas website page here. If not activated your intended date, you can not book on that day. already that day is fully booked. you must check another day on Jeju taxi tour Lucas website.

I would like to book Jeju taxi tour Lucas, but your calendar doesn't go out that far. How can I proceed?

All small group reservations are subject to a 6-month before only. Reservation is available only when your intended date is activated. For private tour reservation, please contact us directly via WhatsApp message.

I cannot select the date that I’m looking for; what can I do?

Jeju taxi tour Lucas, unfortunately, does not offer a waitlist for any of our tours. Should you encounter a date that is not available, you may either request an alternative date.

My booking is still pending so I don't have a confirmation message. How can I proceed?

Only two groups or more groups can make a start Jeju taxi tour Lucas. There are no other group reservations on your intended tour date yet. If you wait a little longer, you can check availability on your intended tour date.

How can I get a confirmation message for my Jeju Lucas tour booking?

When you submit your information on our website, we will check if the tour date is possible.  When we have more than two groups on your intended tour date, we will send a confirmation message. If you did not receive a confirmation message, your reservations are not confirmed.

Do I need to reconfirm my Jeju Lucas tour?

If you are anxious, you can do it. It is not necessary. If you do not have a cancellation notice 3 days before your travel date, You do not have to worry.

How do I make changes to my Jeju Lucas tour booking?

Need to add a traveler, change the date, or make another adjustment? Not a problem! In most cases, you can change your booking up to 3 days before your activity.

Jeju taxi tour Lucas mealtime

It is called local food at lunchtime. How much is the price?

Local restaurants are already set for each course. The price is 6,000 ~ 8,000 KRW per person. It is not a restaurant for tourists but a restaurant for locals. The east course is a Jeju traditional menu. including rice, soup, fish, meat and some side dishes. The west course is very delicious Kimchi soup. you can choose a black pork bbq. If so, the price becomes expensive. The south course is noodles. you can choose Jeju style noodles(goki kuksu) or Chinese style noodles(jajangmyeon,jjamppong)

Must we order lunch in designated restaurant and meal periods?

Meal times are flexible(12:00~14:00). We have to go with the majority opinion. Our guide/driver will ask your all members. “When is the best mealtime?” but, the restaurant may be a bit different than your meal time. The food must be delicious. We should always choose a reasonable price. For that reason, it will be a difficult option. First of all, let us know your requirements. Your guide/driver will kindly explain your request.

If we want a special evening meal time after the tour, will you introduce me to the local restaurant?

Of course. Ask your guide/driver on the way back after the Jeju taxi tour. We will inform you of your intend local restaurant. if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask. We are ready to help your asking

I am a vegetarian. Can I have Halal food or vegetarian meal during Jeju taxi tour Lucas?

Finding halal food restaurants in Jeju Island is not easy. But there are several vegetarian restaurants. Please let us know in advance when you make your reservation. Whether other groups agreement is important. If you can tour with other vegetarians, it’s your best option. but you can not control that. we will try our best to your intended tour date. We hope to gather with similar your group. On your Jeju tour day, please let your guide know once again.

Jeju taxi tour Lucas operating

What do I do if I cannot find the tour guide/driver at my meeting location?

If you cannot find your tour guide/driver at the meeting location, please contact them directly as soon as possible using the contact information provided on your confirmation message.

I will have luggage with me on the day of the Jeju Lucas tour. What are my options?

With the exception of airport transfers, luggage is typically not allowed on Jeju Lucas tours due to space constraints. We recommend checking with your hotel concierge, as most hotels will hold your luggage in a secure location before check-in or after check-out.

Can I get a list of hotels where the pickup is available?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a list, as each Jeju taxi tour Lucas pickup locations vary. Please include your hotel details at the time of booking and we will provide your meeting location and time when you send to reconfirm your booking.

Do I need travel insurance?

While travel insurance is not required, we highly recommend that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy prior to departure to protect your travel purchases. At this time, Jeju taxi tour Lucas does not offer travel insurance, however our products can be covered under various independent insurance programs.

Does the tour operator provide child seats?

Jeju taxi tour Lucas operators are able to provide child seats. Please be sure to add this request in the ‘special requirements’ field.

NOTE: There may be an additional cost involved.

Will my guide speak my language?

Of course, Currently only English guides are available. There will be no difficulty in communicating. If this is not the case, call us immediately

What happens if there is bad weather the day of my Jeju Lucas tour?

If your tour is going to be difficult, a cancellation message will be sent on your tour date before 1 hour.  If there is no cancellation message, your tour will proceed normally.

Any other questions about Jeju taxi tour Lucas

I am traveling alone, however the Jeju Lucas tour requires a minimum of four people in order to book. How can I proceed?

As these tour options require a minimum of 2 adults per booking, you will need to submit a booking for 2 adults in order to confirm. Please be kept that this policy is a requirement of the Jeju taxi tour Lucas.  Please note, there may be similar tour options that do not have the minimum number requirement. You may find private tour options here

How is Jeju taxi tour Lucas connected to TripAdvisor?

Our former business name is Namyang Taxi Tour. We use the old business name in Tripadvisor.  You can look for the old business name on the google search. “Jeju namyang taxi tour”

Can I take a Jeju Lucas tour if I am pregnant?

Please check with your doctor to verify suitability for any tour and to check for any special requirements they may have for you.

How can I specify any special requests/needs?

When you submit your reservation on our website, Please include your requirements.  Your requirements submitted on the specified form will be checked

Can I book Jeju Lucas tour locally or on-site?

Jeju taxi tour Lucas booking form is accepted by 5:30 pm before three days your intended tour date. On-site reservations are not possible. in case of a private tour(only basic English speaking driver), Reservations may be possible. contact us directly.

The tour I would like to book requires my hotel details. What if I have not yet chosen a hotel or am staying in an apartment or other residences?

If you have not yet booked your hotel, please enter ‘Not yet book’ in the hotel details field. Once your hotel is booked, please remember to contact Jeju taxi tour Lucas operator directly to provide this information.

If you are staying in an apartment or other residences please specify this and provide the street address. Please note, pickup and drop-off may not be available from private residences so we recommend contacting the Jeju taxi tour Lucas operator directly to confirm these details as well. If pickup is not available from your location, We will advise the closest pickup point.

My booking requires hotel name and address however, the trip I’ve chosen doesn’t include a hotel pick-up/drop-off. How can I complete my Jeju Lucas tour booking?

Even if your booking doesn’t include Hotel Pickup and Drop-off, Jeju taxi tour Lucas Operator may ask for your details so they can contact you if anything changes about your itinerary. (IE: Weather-related issues etc.)  If you haven’t selected a hotel yet, just indicate ‘Not yet book’ and when you reconfirm your tour, you can let us know where you’ll be staying.


If you have a question about Frequently Asked Questions, please contact us. Any Time, Any How, Any Where !