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Booking  Jeju taxi tour Lucas

step 1. Submit your booking form

Booking Jeju Lucas tour: You can book Jeju taxi tour Lucas on booking page “HOW TO BOOK”.  No need to register, just fill in the blank below booking form. and click Send.

step 2. Check your email/WhatsApp

After you tender Jeju taxi tour booking form on our website, you must check your email or WhatsApp.

step 3.Consult with Jeju Taxi Tour Lucas staff

Our Jeju Taxi Tour Lucas team will reply you ASAP.(English assistance via WhatsApp)

After We check your booking status, you’ll get a waiting list via email(WhatsApp) in 24 hours.

If you want to confirm your booking immediately, you can choose Private tour type.
(the Basic English speaking drivers or English speaking drivers /Lucas Ko, Lucas Lee)

In the case of Join(Package) Tour : Payment with the guidance of the staff, please.

Step 4. Pay only deposit(Private Tour/Join(package) Tour)

If you agree with our offer, pay the deposit via PayPal/Master Card/Visa Card/Bank Transfer

(Private Tour : 30,000KRW  Per day,

Join(package) Tour : 40,000KRW Per day)

Prices do not include applicable handling fees.(about 3~4 percent)

Our staff will give the payment process. You can choose the PayPal /Master Card/ Visa Card/Bank Transfer

The international currency exchange rate on the invoice date.(USD : KRW)

Be charged to the US dollar.

You will pay the balance on the day of your tour.(Day tour)

When you make a reservation more than two days, You will pay the balance except for deposit on the last day of your tour.

The subscriber’s name and the depositor’s name should be same

Please, Check it out here more details about payment


You will pay the balance on the day of your tour day(by cash) if you want to pay your credit card, 5% of the total rates charge the additional fee.


Step 5. Keep the confirmation message

Once we receive your valuable payment, the confirmation message will be sent to you via WhatsApp. Simply keep on your phone and don’t forget to pay the rest to your driver in Jeju island!

We will inform you with the license plates and driver’s contact number. At least 5 days before your intended tour date. For more information about Jeju taxi tour, please contact our staff.


Booking Jeju Taxi Tour Lucas Cancellation Policy

Cancelled 7 days before your intended tour date(business day in Korea / 09:00-16:00), 80% will be refunded
Cancelled 5 days before your intended tour date(business day in Korea / 09:00-16:00), 50% will be refunded
Cancelled 3 days before your intended tour date(business day in Korea / 09:00-16:00), no refunded



Booking Jeju Taxi Tour Lucas Form is accepted by 5:30 pm two days before your intended package tour date.
Please fill out the forms on our website.

Once you have submitted the booking form.

We will proceed your reservation, or email(whatsApp message) you to inform the availability of tour for your intended tour date.

If you finish your booking process(including pay to deposit)

You will receive a confirmation message.

Then, your reservation will be secured and confirmed.
Your reservation will not be confirmed unless confirmation message is sent to you.

Free Wi-Fi Service on the vehicle during the tour.


WHATSAPP : + 82 10 2553 1950
TAXI TOUR: South of Korea Jeju Island Taxi Service

Have questions about this reservation form? Or want to request a customized tour? You can usually expect a response within 2~3 days. Travelers, use the form below to ask your question. Followup communications can use standard email( or WhatsApp.

Privacy: Your email address is protected and will only be used to respond to this inquiry.

If you don’t book a hotel, you can write. I do not book a hotel

No need to register, just fill in the blank. Then click Send

You can choose Join tour. or Private tour
Please write your intended tour course. How many days do you want to book?

(Please fill in the country code before the phone number.)
Please write the exact name and address of your hotel on your booking. The exact pick up time and location will be sent to you whatsAapp message.

You can ask us anything you want.
Requirements are also good.